Administering Brightspace Insights

D2L Deployment Services sets up and configures Brightspace Insights. After Brightspace Insights is enabled, administrators can grant Brightspace Insights roles and permissions to users.

Brightspace Insights hosting requirements

The Brightspace Data Platform uses Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) for data storage. Your data is hosted in the same region as your LMS.

Brightspace Insights configuration variables



Default Value





Allows auditors to see user data for only those users they audit in Engagement Dashboard, instead of seeing all users in courses they are enrolled in.

Additional Brightspace Insights configuration variables are only visible only to D2L Support.

Brightspace Insights permissions

Permission category


Permission level

Allows users to

Affected reports

Brightspace Data Platform

Query Data Platform

  • Organization (Total Logins, Tool Access)
  • Course Offering (Tool Access - Course Report, Course Access)

Make queries to the Brightspace Data Platform

  • Total Logins
  • Tool Access
  • Tool Access - Course Report
  • Course Access
  • All Dashboards



See Insights Portal Tool

  • Organization

Access the Insights Portal page

  • Adoption Dashboard
  • Engagement Dashboard
Can See Adoption Dashboard
  • All levels

Provides access to the Adoption Dashboard.

  • Adoption Dashboard
Can See Engagement Dashboard
  • All levels

Provides access to the Engagement Dashboard and Learner Engagement Dashboard.

Can see predicted grades.

Can see user names.

  • Engagement Dashboard
  • Learner Engagement Dashboard
Can See Assessment Quality Dashboard
  • All levels
Provides access to the Assessment Quality Dashboard.
  • Assessment Quality Dashboard
Can See Achievement Dashboard
  • All levels
Not currently in use N/A
See Course Overview Widget Course Offering See the Course Overview widget with report links Course Overview


View User Enrollments

  • Course Offering
  • Organization (Tool Access, Total Logins)

Run reports at the course level

  • Tool Access
  • Course Access
  • Total Logins

Tool Management

See Org Tool Management


See tools returned by Brightspace APIs

  • Tool Access - Course Report
  • Course Access

Course Management Console

See Course Info

Course Offering

See the course name returned by Brightspace APIs

  • Tool Access - Course Report
  • Course Access

Note: The Engagement Dashboard also requires the following Email permissions to be able to email from the dashboard: See External Email Addresses for <role> and one of Send Emails to External Email Addresses or Send Emails to Internal Email Addresses.