About the Brightspace Data Platform

Brightspace Insights, built on the Brightspace Data Platform includes easy to use analytics that provide an aggregated view of data across courses. This allows users to track, measure, and monitor progress to help improve engagement during their learnng journey. is a data platform designed to aggregate data from Brightspace tools in near real-time. When learners interact with the Brightspace Platform, for example, to log in and view a quiz or participate in a discussion, these events are captured and stored by the Brightspace Event Flow Service (BEF). The BEF then streams these events to the Brightspace Data Platform.

Benefits include:

  • The ability to collect and manage a variety of structured and unstructured data that overwhelms traditional relational databases.
  • Available to clients of all sizes.
  • Near real-time stream of learning events is readily available for reporting in Brightspace Insights.