Submit Brightspace ePortfolio items to an assignment

You can submit your Brightspace ePortfolio items to an assignment in Brightspace Learning Environment for formal assessment. When you submit an item to a course assignment, a copy of the item goes to the Assignments tool. Future changes to the item in Brightspace ePortfolio do not transfer to the Assignments copy.

When you submit a reflection or artifact to an assignment, Quicklinks to associated items are also included in the submission. For instance, a submitted artifact includes links to associated reflections. A submitted reflection includes Quicklinks to artifacts it is associated with.

If your item has comments and assessments on it but you don't want to include them with your submission, you must edit your item so that the Allow others to add/view comments if they have sufficient permission and Allow others to add/view assessments if they have sufficient permission check boxes are clear before you submit. This does not remove previous comments and assessments from the item itself. After you make your submission, you can select the check boxes to re-enable comments and assessments.

  1. On the navbar, click Assignments.
  2. Click the assignment you want to make a submission to.
  3. In the Submit Files area, click Add a File.
  4. From the tool panel, click ePortfolio.
  5. Select the toggle for the item you want to add. Click Select Item.
  6. Click Submit > Done.