By default, only Errors and Fatal log show up in the log. If you need to troubleshoot Custom Branding, you need to increase the log level. This can be done by using the following instructions:

  1. From the Admin Tools menu, click Logging Configuration.
  2. In the search dialog, search for branding. One of the following should return:
    1. D2L.Custom.CourseBrandingRunner; or
    2. D2L.Custom.CourseBranding.
  3. In the CourseBranding assembly that is returned, click the name to configure the debugging level.
  4. Click Custom Configuration and set the log level. This is usually debug for troubleshooting purposes. (D2L recommens you set an expiry time so that the extra log information does not clutter your system log.)

Once this is configured, logs show up in the System Log.