Structure-based branding

Structure-based branding brands courses based on where they are in the organizational structure instead of taking user-defined input. For example, courses in each faculty or college can be branded based on a standard for that faculty or college. Any level can be used to define a branding area (faculty, colleges, departments, and even semesters or course templates) and all courses are branded consistently within that region of the organization.

Appearance elements (like navbar and logos) are set based on configuration settings, while functional choices (like tool selection and homepage) are left for individual courses to set.

Branding can come either from the branding-level item itself (e.g., the Department org unit itself can have its branding copied to its descendants) or a special navshell course within each branding area. In this manner, areas of the organization can opt-in and opt-out of the branding process by choosing whether to have a navshell or not. Areas without navshells use the default course branding theme set for the organization.