Full mode

This mode of execution causes the Course Branding tool to attempt to brand all courses in the organization inside the designated branding-level (if no branding level is provided, the default value, Department, is used instead). Course offerings not inside an org unit of the branding-level type are not branded (e.g., courses not in departments are not branded).

The tool first builds a list of all branding-level org units in the organization. It then builds a list of all Course Offering children for each of these org units and identifies the source branding org unit (either the branding org unit itself, or the navshell Course Offering). Finally, it applies branding from the source to all other courses.

A course will not be branded if:

  • It is not within a branding area (e.g., not in a department);
  • Its branding area does not have a navshell Course Offering; and/or
  • Its Course Offering Code matches the navshell pattern, even if the course has not been chosen as the branding source.