Brightspace Assignment Grader

Brightspace Assignment Grader is a mobile application that you can use to download and evaluate assignment submissions from your Brightspace Learning Environment course offering assignments. You can view submissions and add grades and feedback while connected to the Internet or offline. While connected to the Internet, the application automatically synchronizes grades and feedback with your Brightspace Learning Environment assignments, but you can choose to release the information to learners at a later time. You can apply feedback in a variety of formats including text, audio, or video. You can access rubrics, make inline comments and make annotations directly to submissions to provide contextualized feedback to learners.

Brightspace Assignment Grader is compatible with Brightspace platform 10.2 and higher.

Operating System Support

Language Support

Android 5.0 or later

Optimized for Android tablet

U.S. English from any global Google Play™ store

For latest version of Brightspace Assignment Grader, iOS 8.1 or later

For previous versions of Brightspace Assignment Grader, iOS 6.0x, 7.0x, and 8.0x

Optimized for iPad tablet

U.S. English from any global Apple App Store