Course administration

In Brightspace Learning Environment, course administration tasks include:

  • Restore a deleted assignment submission with the Assignments tool
  • Measure achievement in learning outcomes with the Standards tool
  • Administer merit-based awards for learners with the Awards tool
  • Manage user auditors, view progress, view group enrollments, and impersonate users with the Classlist tool
  • Administer content
  • Administer Video Note
  • Manage multiple course offerings with a template
  • Perform bulk course operations with Bulk Course tools
  • Access the View Copy Course History page
  • Create a course homepage and widgets
  • Create a course navbar and theme with the Homepage Management tool
  • Upload and organize course files with the Manage Files tool
  • Update course start and end dates with the Course Updater
  • Log and classify books as course materials with the Book Management tool
  • Administer grades